Octavian 'Vivi' Costache
I am currently the co-founder of Jello Labs, part of an amazing team that believes
that buying things should be simple. We're working on connecting the people who make
products directly with the consumers who love them.

I'm an ex-Googler and I've built a bunch of awesome stuff.
I'm the author of Gmail Multiple Inboxes, the Google Finance charts.
I played a key role in building Starring and Social Search on Google Maps.

For a while I worked on Context, trying to automate the creation of news stories.
octavian.costache [at] gmail.com
medium.com/octavians-thoughts - my blog in english about startups and stuff
vivi.ro/blog - my romanian blog, about life abroad

I paraglide. I like photography.

I've built a map of romanian politicians because I want to make Romania a better place.
Because of that, Forbes Romania thinks I'm one of 30 people under 30 to restart the country.

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